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Head over to The MagPi Magazine website and get into the draw to win a Retro Gaming Bundle!

The Raspberry Pi makes the ideal Retro Gaming console. Pi Hut’s Retro Gaming Bundle has everything you need to build retro console. It comes with a Raspberry Pi 3 board, Black case, 16GB Micro SD Card, Official Raspberry Pi power supply, HDMI Cable and two SNES-style Game Pads.



Can’t wait for this competition to finish?

You can also get all the components yourself if don’t want to wait for this competition to finish. Check out our Project Idea: Raspberry Pi NES Retro Game Console! and follow the 5 basic steps to setup your Retro Gaming Console.

Raspberry Pi NES Gaming Console

These are all the components you’ll need to build your own Retro Gaming Console:

Raspberry Pi 3

 NES Case


Game Pad

microSD Card

Power Supply

Raspberry Pi 3 Model BRaspberry Pi NES CaseGorillaPi Heatsink For Raspberry PiMicro-SD-Card-16GBRaspberry Pi Power Supply

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Source: MagPi website