WIN! One of Ten PaPiRus Zero!

WIN! One of Then PaPiRus Zero!

Head over to The MagPi Magazine website and get into the draw to win one of ten PaPiRus Zero pHAT and Case Kit. There are 5 different way to enter the competition and there is no restrictions on where you live. You have about 30 days left to enter the competition – you better hurry!


The PaPiRus Zero pHAT is a e-paper display that is great for building a small, low-power gadget. You could make a name tag, ePaper watch, display weather data… anything that you want to display without using a lot of power.

Find out more about the PaPiRus Zero on the Pi Supply website.


If you can’t wait for the competition to end, get your PaPiRus ePaper displays here:

Get It Now! PaPiRus Zero – ePaper  pHAT for Pi Zero 

Get It Now! PaPiRus – ePaper HAT for Raspberry Pi 

Get It Now! PaPiRus HAT Case 


Source: MagPi website