Raspbian Stretch

Raspbian Stretch is here for your Pi

Raspbian has been updated to the newest version called Stretch. It’s been 2 years since the last version Jessis was released and now its time for Raspbian Stretch to run your Pi. The latest version can be downloaded from the raspberrypi.org download page.


Raspbian Stretch

Stretch is the purple octopus from Disney Pixar’s Toy Story trilogy.


Most changes of the new operation system are not visible in day to day use. However, there are quite a few updated to the applications that come with Raspbian Stretch.

One of them is the new version of Sonic Pi which got a lot of new functionality in terms of input and output options. The Chrome web browser has also been updated to the latest version 60, which promises a better memory management and increased browsing speed.

The Bluetooth Audio support has been changed over from PulseAudio to the bluez-alsa package to make Bluetooth audio work with ALSA. From a user point of view, everything should still work exactly as before.

There has also been an extension to Scratch 2 which allows the use of the Sense HAT. You can now use either the physical Sense HAT or use the Sense HAT Emulator for your Scratch projects.

More details on the new features of Raspbian Stretch can be found on the Raspberry Pi Foundation website.


Watch the video below from Blitz City DIY – a great instruction video about how to update your Rspbian to the new Stretch.



Source: raspberrypi.org