Project: Raspberry Pi Weather Station

Have you always wanted to build your own personal weather station? Then this project is for you! Build your own Raspberry Pi Weather Station!

I have found this great video from the guys at Make: Tyler Winegarner is showing you how to build a weather station using a Raspberry Pi and a Pi Sense HAT. The weather station is collecting data for temperature, humidity and barometric pressure using the sensors on the Pi Sense HAT.

Tyler then shows you how to create a free account with Weather Underground and send the collected weather data to your personal online weather station. There you can check current measurements of your station as well as your weather history and lots more. Your collected data will also be feed into the collective weather database and support your local weather forecast.

Check out the video from Make: giving you a short walk trough of the project . If you like the video, subscribe to their channel and give them a thumbs up!



This is a great project that will get you going with the Pi Sense HAT and your Raspberry Pi. You won’t need to spend a lot of time setting up different sensors or even do any soldering, everything you need is already on the Pi Sense HAT. This will reduce the hardware setup to a minimum and you can get started with the fun stuff straight away!

There are a lot of different housings you can choose. We really like the PiBow form Pimoroni. It comes in many different colors and you can fit a HAT ontop of your Pi. And of course it has a clear lid so that you’ll be able to see the LED-Matrix of the Pi Sense HAT.

There just one concern about using a fully enclosed case: Running a Raspberry Pi and Sense HAT for a while will heat up both circuit boards. This will influence the measurements and sensors on the Sense HAT will not give you the actual temperature or humidity. A more vented case would probably work a bit better.

Setting up the software for your Pi might be a bit tricky, but there is a more detailed instruction set on the Make: website.


Get started with this great project and get all the parts you need here:

Raspberry Pi 3

Pi Sense HAT

PiBow 3 Case

Raspberry Pi 3 Model BRaspberry Pi Sense HATPimoroni - Pibow 3

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Get It Now!

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