Project: Code a Virtual Pet

This project idea comes from Geek Gurl Diaries and shows you how to use the Pi Sense HAT to code a little virtual pet using the LED-Matrix of the Sense HAT. The video walks you through the process of setting up the python code step-by-step and you will learn easily how to draw your own little pixel pet.

During this project you will also use the acceleration sensor of the Sense HAT to trigger different parts of your code. This will ‘animate’ your pet – cute!





This project idea is a great way to get started with the Pi Sense HAT and python code. If you are not into pets, no problem, you can use the basic idea and use it for your own project to activate code using an external trigger like the acceleration sensor or to play around with a LED-Matrix.


Get started with this great project and get all the parts you need for it here:

Raspberry Pi 3

Pi Sense HAT

Raspberry Pi 3 Model BRaspberry Pi Sense HAT

Get It Now!

Get It Now!

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