Raspberry Pi Power Supply

Raspberry Pi Power Supply

The official and recommended universal micro USB power supply for Raspberry Pi. We’ve tested this supply in all kinds of situations, and it’s as solid as a rock; it’ll keep feeding your Pi the steady 2A it needs for proper performance.

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GorillaPi Heatsink for Raspberry Pi

GorillaPi Heatsink For Raspberry Pi

The GorillaPi Heatsink for the Raspberry Pi is a great set of heatsinks for CPU, USB/Ethernet IC and Memory IC of your Pi. The copper heatsink for the Memory IC is very flat. This allows you to use pretty much any case for your Pi, even with heatsink attached.

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Micro SD Card


The micro SD Card is holding the operation system for your Raspberry Pi as well as all your data. Its important to choose the right kind of card for the job. If you want to do a lot of video playback you shouldn’t buy the cheapest SD Card in town, because the chances are that the cheapest one will also be the slowest one in terms of data transfer and latency.

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Buffalo Game Pad

Turn your Raspberry Pi into a retro gaming machine! If you want to get serious about retro gaming, you need to get the Buffalo Game Pad!

This game pad has a standard USB interface and can be used with your Raspberry Pi to make an awesome retro arcade game machine. You can run Retropie on your Pi which will allow you to play your favorite NES, SNES, GameBoy, Atari, Commodore 64, Sega Game Gear and many many more.

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