Pimoroni - Zero LiPo

Pimoroni Zero LiPo

Pimoroni - Zero LiPo
Pimoroni - Zero LiPo
Pimoroni - Zero LiPo
Pimoroni - Zero LiPo
Pimoroni - Zero LiPo
Pimoroni - Zero LiPo


The tiny little LiPo/LiIon power supply shim for all versions of Raspberry Pi!

Having a discrete, slick, and tidy power supply solution is always tricky. The Zero LiPo aims to give you the most compact Raspberry Pi power supply possible.

You can either solder the 0.8mm thick PCB directly to the bottom of your GPIO header for a permanent solution or solder on the provided 2×4 0.1″ female header which will allow you to remove your Zero LiPo at any time (but will block the GPIO pins).


Get your Zero LiPo here: Get It Now!


Kit includes:

  • Zero LiPo
  • 2×4 0.1″ female header (optional for non permanent installation)

We use the TPS61232 Step-Up Boost Converter from Texas Instruments which offers up to 96% efficiency. The board includes power on and battery low indicator LEDs. During shutdown (due to undervoltage or external selection) the quiescent current is just 15uA sip.

Please note: This is not a charger, you will need a separate charger to keep your LiPo/LiIon batteries topped up!


  • 0.8mm thick PCB
  • Shaped to sit as low as possible on the Raspberry Pi 3, 2, Zero, A+, B+
  • 2-pole JST connector ideal for most LiPo/LiIon batteries
  • Power and low battery LED indicators
  • Supplies up to 1.5A continuous current
  • Low battery warning at 3.4V (assets GPIO #4 high)
  • Automatic shutdown at 3.0V to protect your battery
  • VBAT+, GND, and EN pins available to break out
  • 15uA quiescent current

Check out the Pinout of the connector to the Raspberry Pi.