MagPi #59 is here!



The new MagPi #59 is here with lots of great content for your Raspberry Pi. Check it out and download it for free from the MagPi Magazine website!

The Raspberry Pi PC Challenge

What can’t you do with a $35 computer?

Very little, it seems. Rob spent a week using a Raspberry Pi 3 as his one-and-only computer. From working on his magazine articles, editing images, to watching videos and playing games. The results make for fascinating reading.

Plus! All this inside issue 59:

  • Create a SatNav robot
    Discover precision robotics with Big Rob
  • Design a Dog Treat Dispenser
    Keep Scooby in snacks with this clever pet project
  • Build a GPS tracking device
    The ultimate movement tracker for land and sea adventures
  • Master Bluetooth
    Take control of your Raspberry Pi remotely