MagPi Issue 61

MagPi #61 is here!

MagPi Issue 61

The new MagPi #60 is here with lots of great content for your Raspberry Pi. Check it out and download it for free from the MagPi Magazine website!


  • 10 Pi Zero W Projects You Must Make: Video Jukebox, Mini Arcade Cabinet, AirPlay Speaker, and Car Dash Cam
  • Arduino and Pi: Master this powerful project tag team
  • Retro Chic: Google AIY Intercom: Putting voice recognition inside classic devices
  • Smarter DJ Decks: Turntables upgraded with Raspberry Pi power
  • Budget 3D Printing :Build your own 3D Printer for a rock-bottom price
  • Control Hue Lights: Set up smart lighting in your home


You can read all about it in issue 61 of The MagPi. Get a printed copy or read the free PDF on the MagPi Magazine website!


MagPi Issue 61 MagPi Issue 61 MagPi Issue 61


Where do I find a great Pi Zero W kit?

If you are still looking for an easy way to get started with the Raspberry Pi Zero W, how about the Pi Zero W Starter Kit from Pimoroni!

Pimoroni Raspberry Pi Zero W Starter Kit


A great bundle of all the things you need to get up and running!

This kit includes an SD card with operating system pre-loaded, a colourful Pibow Zero W case, and one multicolour LED strip, Blinkt! This will be a great start to take your first steps with coding in Python!


Get your Pi Zero W Starter Kit here: 

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Source: MagPi website