MagPi60 cover

MagPi #60 is here!


The new MagPi #60 is here with lots of great content for your Raspberry Pi. Check it out and download it for free from the MagPi Magazine website!

Raspberry Pi Troubleshooting Special. PLUS FREE DVD with Print edition.

This month’s cover special is all about trouble shooting with your Raspberry Pi. Whatever problem you might run into, this guide will teach you how to find common problems systematically.


All this inside issue 60:

  • Raspberry Pi troubleshooting special
  • Get creative with your Raspberry Pi
  • Turn a Pi Zero W into a Wireless USB Drive
  • Hack a fidget spinner into a game pad
  • Make your own earthquake monitor
  • Get started with Scratch 2.0 and Thonny IDE
  • FREE DVD with the print edition. Install The Raspberry Pi Desktop on your PC & Mac.


You can read all about it in issue 60 of The MagPi. Get a printed copy or read the free PDF on the MagPi website!




Source: MagPi website