KANO Screen Kit - keyboard

KANO Screen Kit

KANO Screen Kit - keyboard
KANO Screen Kit - back
KANO Screen Kit - desk2
KANO Screen Kit - desk1
KANO Screen Kit - box
KANO Screen Kit - open box
KANO Screen Kit - components


The Screen Kit is a 10.1-inch HD screen that anyone can build, like LEGO. It can be connected to the Computer Kit or to any other HDMI compatible device. It has a resolution of 1280 x 800, 720p (but it scales to 1080p) and a definition of 150 PPI. It doubles up as storage space for the Computer Kit, that can be packed on the back of the screen, enabling for easier transportation.

With simple steps and a storybook, you build your own real screen and bring it to life. Then you can connect it to your Kano Computer Kit (sold separately) to create art, apps, music and games with code or to any other device with an HDMI output to watch movies or play games on the go. Alongside with the Computer Kit , the Screen Kit is used in education programs worldwide, and trusted by hundreds of thousands of customers.


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What’s in the box:

  • HD Screen (1280 x 800, 720p)
  • Screen Stand
  • Case for wiring
  • Micro USB cable as power supply
  • HDMI Cable
  • Pixel viewer
  • Storybook
  • Stickers