KANO Computer Kit

KANO Computer Kit

KANO Computer Kit
KANO Computer Kit
KANO Computer Kit
KANO Computer Kit
KANO Computer Kit


The Kano Computer Kit is a computer anyone can make, like Lego. Launched through Kickstarter in 2013 , the kit has won awards from Family Choice, The Design Museum and Cannes Lions, and is being used in over 150,000 homes and 1000 schools and code clubs worldwide. It empowers its users to be creative with technology and not just consume it.

The Computer Kit box includes the Computer Kit (2017 edition), Kano OS, a range of great creative applications and 150+ hours of tutorials, challenges and creative coding projects. With simple steps and a storybook, you build your own real computer and bring it to life. Then you learn how to create art, apps, music and games with code.

It is powered by a powerful Raspberry Pi 3 and comes bundled with it’s own storybook that teaches you how to bring it to life. It also includes a keyboard, speaker, all needed cables and an SD card with Kano OS 3.8, the last version of the Kano Operating system.

The Computer Kit is in education programs worldwide, trusted by hundreds of thousands of customers and provides access to the Kano World community where users can share their creations and see what others are making.


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About the software


KANO OS - Dashboard
KANO OS - make-art
KANO OS - make - minecraft
KANO OS - story-mode-1
KANO OS - story-mode-2
KANO OS - terminal-quest-1

● Kano OS. A fully-working, Raspbian-based operating system. Does everything a normal computer can do, browse the internet, watch YouTube, even use Google Docs, Google Maps or WhatsApp.

● Kano Code. This brand new code editor teaches you programming with simple, intuitive graphical blocks. You can make apps, games, interactive artworks, and you can even connect with real world data sources like news feeds and weather channels.

● Minecraft. An open version of Minecraft for you to play and code with. Use the Python programming language to take Minecraft to the next level. Create lava mountains, build castles, all with the power of code.

● Make Art. Learn to code by making visual art. From simple shapes and images, using basic code, through to complex and intricate artworks using advanced mathematical functions.

● Kano World. A global online learning community. You can share your creations, check out other people’s inventions, and learn from their code to make your own versions. Like an incredible recipe website, but for software!

● And lots more: Programming environment Scratch, the YouTube video app, an Internet browser, a text editor and many other Linux-compatible applications are included with the Complete Kit as well. It’s a fully fledged computer and you can do lots of things with it.

There is also a Screen Kit available from KANO, which works perfectly with the Computer Kit.

KANO recommends this kit from the age of 6, but it really is fun to use at any age.


Get your KANO Computer Kit here: Get It Now!


What’s in the box:

  • Raspberry Pi 3
  • Wireless keyboard with touchpad
  • DIY Speaker
  • Custom Case
  • 8GB SD Card with KANO OS installed
  • Power supply with micro USB cable
  • HDMI cable
  • Storybook