Powered by Raspberry Pi

Is Your Washing Machine “Powered by Raspberry Pi”?

Is your washing machine powered by a Raspberry Pi? – Probably not! However, it’s not unlikely that it might be in the near future.

A lot of companies have grown up around the Raspberry Pi platform. Quite a few design-ins have happend without many people noticing that there is a Pi running under the hood.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation had introduced a “Powered by Raspberry Pi” logo at the end of last year. This logo will help manufacturers indicate that their products run with a Raspberry Pi and it will also show consumers whats going on inside their purchases. It will also show that a portion of the product price will support the educational work of the Raspberry Pi Foundation.


Powered by Raspberry Pi


One of the first products that are already making use of the new logo is the KUNBUS Revolution Pi. The Revolution Pi is an open-source industrial PC, targeted for industrial control and communication tasks. There are two different models available at the moment. The first one has a quad-core CPU and is based on the Compute Module 3. The second version is meant for less demanding tasks and runs a single-core CPU from the Compute Module 1.



The Raspberry Pi Foundation have started an Integration Programme to simplify the qualification process for new products. This will make it easier for companies to integrate a Raspberry Pi into their products and bring them on the market.

It will be very exciting to see on what kind of products you will find the new “Powered by Raspberry Pi” logo in the future. Definitely check out your next washing machine very carefully! You never know what might be hiding inside 😉


Source: www.raspberrypi.org



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