Raspberry Pi NES Gaming Console

Project: Raspberry Pi NES Retro Game Console

Raspberry Pi NES Gaming ConsoleBuild your own Raspberry Pi Retro Gaming Console!

It’s not really that hard to build your own retro gaming console. Your Raspberry Pi has enough processing power to emulate all the retro games from your childhood using the RetroPie OS. There are a few other emulators that work well for the Raspberry Pi, but I  really like RetroPie. It has a great community and support. Most importantly: It just looks and works great!


These are all the components you’ll need to build your own Retro Gaming Console:


Raspberry Pi 3

 NES Case


Game Pad

microSD Card

Power Supply

Raspberry Pi 3 Model BRaspberry Pi NES CaseGorillaPi Heatsink For Raspberry PiMicro-SD-Card-16GBRaspberry Pi Power Supply

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5 basic steps to setup your Retro Game Console


Step 1: Install the heatsinks on your Raspberry Pi and mount it in the case

This step shouldn’t take too long.

Step 2: Install a RetroPie image on your SD card

You can download an image of the latest version of RetroPie from the RetroPie website. A 32 GB should be plenty of space for the RetroPie OS and all the games you could possibly ever want to play. Have a look at the video below from ETA PRIME: He has made a great tutorial about installing RetroPie 4.2 on your microSD card.

Step 3: Plug in microSD card, game pad and power supply into your Raspberry Pi and a screen/TV with a HDMI cable

RetroPie will boot up if you have loaded the RetroPie image to your microSD card correctly. You can configure the buttons of your game pad and play with a lot of different settings for Retropie to customize it to your style.

Step 4: Load your game ROMs onto your Raspberry Pi

There are a few different ways of loading your ROMs to the MicroSD card of the Pi. The easiest is to load them through a network connection directly from your PC. ETA PRIME will also guide you through the process in his tutorial below.

Step 5: Enjoy your retro gaming experience with your DIY Raspberry Pi Retro Game Console!


Check out the video below from ETA PRIME, showing his Mini NES Raspberry Pi 3 Build. If you like his tutorials, subscribe to his channel and give him a thumbs up!






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