Pimoroni Scroll pHAT HD

Pimoroni Scroll pHAT HD

Pimoroni Scroll pHAT HD
Pimoroni Scroll pHAT HD
Pimoroni Scroll pHAT HD
Pimoroni Scroll pHAT HD


The Scroll pHAT HD from Pimoroni has twice as many pixels as the original Scoll pHAT. It also features individual pixel brightness control.

Scroll pHAT HD packs 17×7 bright white pixels (119 total) onto a single pHAT, and gives you full PWM brightness control over each pixel. The size stays the same as to original Scropp pHAT and will fit perfectly onto a Raspberry Pi Zero or Zero W. Create beautiful animations and even anti-aliased text by taking advantage of the per-pixel brightness.

Use Scroll pHAT HD as a scrolling message display for your tweets, the weather or the news, or use it as a 17-band spectrum analyser for your audio. There’s even enough pixels for simple games like Tetris, Pong, or snake.

Check out Pimoronis Scroll Bot Kit which is using the Scroll pHAT HD to build a fun little robot for your desk.


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  • 17×7 matrix of bright white pixels (119 total)
  • Individual PWM brightness control of each pixel
  • Uses the IS31FL3731 LED matrix driver chip
  • Scroll pHAT HD pinout
  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi 3, 2, B+, A+, Zero, and Zero W
  • Python library
  • Female header requires soldering



Pimoronis handy one-line installer will install the Scroll pHAT HD Python library for you. They have also included a bunch of examples too, to show off what you can do with Scroll pHAT HD.



Source: Pimoroni.com