Pibow Coupe

Pimoroni Pibow Coupé Case

Pibow Coupe
Pibow Coupe
Pibow Coupe
Pibow Coupe
Pibow Coupe
Pibow Coupe
Pibow Coupe


The Pibow Coupé is very similar to the original Pibow case with the exception that the top of the case is lower. This will give easier access to the extension header and the camera connector.

Crafted out of five unique layers including a transparent top and base that leave your beautiful Pi visible inside. Each layer is laser-cut from colourful high-quality cast acrylic and once stacked they securely contain a Raspberry Pi 3, 2 or B+ while leaving the primary ports, including the camera port, display port, and GPIO accessible.

Weighing only 61 grams the case is lightweight and ideal for mounting to any surface. No tools are required for assembly or disassembly.


The Pibow Coupé comes in a variety of colors. Get yours here:

Get It Now!  Pibow Coupé – RED

Get It Now!  Pibow Coupé – NINJA

Get It Now!  Pibow Coupé – TANGERINE

Get It Now!  Pibow Coupé – ROYALE

Get It Now!  Pibow Coupé – Flotilla



  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi 3, 2 and B+
  • extra venting, and a place for installing a heatsink if you really want to push your Pi
  • Super-slimline profile
  • Fully HAT compatible
  • Protects your beloved Pi!
  • Clear top and base leave Raspberry Pi visible
  • GPIO cut-out with laser-etched pin labels
  • Leaves all ports accessible
  • Made from lightweight high-quality cast acrylic
  • Great for hacking and tinkering!
  • Made in Sheffield, UK