JustBoom Amp pHAT

JustBoom Amp pHAT

JustBoom Amp pHAT
JustBoom Amp pHAT
JustBoom Amp pHAT
JustBoom Amp pHAT
JustBoom Amp pHAT


The JustBoom Amp pHAT is a high-quality audio amplifier for your Raspberry Pi Zero. It provides up to 2 x 40 W Class-D amplification with up to 192kHz/32bit digital to analogue conversion. The Amp pHAT plugs straight onto your Pi, no soldering required. This makes the setup super easy! Just connect 2 high quality speakers and an external power supply to the Amp pHAT – your are ready to experience one of the best quality audio that’s available for your Raspberry Pi.

The external power supply is required since the Amp HAT can output up to 2 x 40W ( 2 x 30 W RMS). This means the power supply should be quite beefy, minimum 15V / 65W is recommended.

All of the GPIO pins are sill accessible on the Amp HAT. This will allow you to add additional components to your project like, buttons, LEDs, sensors or anything else you might need.


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  • Full high quality audio – 192kHz / 32bit
  • Comes with 2.1mm to 1.7mm barrel adapter
  • Advanced ESD protection
  • Plug and play compatibility for ease of use
  • Hardware volume control from your Raspberry Pi
  • No soldering required
  • Powered by the Raspberry Pi GPIO header
  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi Zero and the new Pi Zero Wireless
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Optional IR receiver included in package
  • Full driver support in Raspbian / NOOBS


Technical Information

  • TAS5756 Digital Audio AMP – Class D
  • Texas Instruments TPA6133A2 headphone amplifier – 138mW
  • Maximum output is 30 W (RMS) 55W (Peak)
  • Fully integrated hardware volume mixing via “alsamixer” or any ALSA compatible application
  • Optional Vishay TSOP4838 IR receiver included in package (solder yourself if required)
  • 112db SNR and -93db THD for best-in-class audio
  • Advanced ESD protection on both headphone and RCA outputs
  • Pinout


Check out the video from ETA PRIME, introducing the Amp pHAT. If you like his video, subscribe to his channel and give him a thumbs up!



Source: JustBoom.co