Raspberry Pi The Essential Guide front

Raspberry Pi – The Essential Guide

Raspberry Pi The Essential Guide backRaspberry Pi The Essential Guide frontDo you want to start programming but don’t know where to start?
Then this book is for you! The Raspberry Pi 3 is a minicomputer/microcontroller that allows you to not only learn about programming and technology, but it allows you to become an inventor! It is extremely easy to start irrespective of age or skill level.

Raspberry Pi: The Essential Guide On Starting Your Own Raspberry Pi 3 Projects With Ingenious Tips & Tricks is a must have to get you started right away!

Here are some of the things the book includes:

    • What is Raspberry Pi and what does it do?
    • An overview of the hardware and the specifications
    • How to install software on the Raspberry PI
    • How to start your own projects along with the essentials
    • Programming in Raspberry Pi
    • Project Ideas
  • Tips, Tricks, and much more!

Why spend countless of hours scavenging the internet looking for information on how to start your own projects? With such a small investment, you can start inventing right away! Just scroll to the top and hit the orange buy now!


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